Friday, June 6, 2014

the need for love

More and more I just see a need for love studies.....our system needs to integrate love into its programming, policies, and procedures. 

In other news, my degree in CSRE at Stanford finally makes sense to me. All that is happening with this issue an others is old news to me-- all terms and happenings I'm extremely aware of and well versed in.... But to move forward, we need Ethnic Studies Scholars, Advocates, Organizers, Visionaries, business people, and Artists to empower love to flourish!!! To stop the violence and provide opportunities for peace and equality!

It is no longer fair or okay for our society to allow destructive (masculinity, femininity, behavior, diets, language, systems) forces to exist and assume they will be repaired como nada.

The lack of a love culture in our world is no longer okay.

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