Monday, March 9, 2015

The Struggle, The Magic, The Miracle

The Struggle is real.
But so is the struggle mentality.
It is a limitation on your ability to be anything you want.
It is a limitation on everything you could be.
It is a fear driven anger, resentment, and grievance.
It negates Love.
It negates Magic.

Instead of thinking in terms of the struggle, instead focus on the miracles of life. Focus on the impossible, and make it manifest in the present. Believe it will manifest in the present.

Continue to work in a good way.

Believe in Magic.
Magic is real, and miracles are real.

This is the impossible dance that we do everyday--a defiance, an impossibility made possible in the working, in the doing, via an attempt, of the impossible.

This is love.

Love is real.

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