Saturday, October 24, 2015

Protect the Mills College Dance Major

This attack on Mills Dance really make me feel personally attacked, and it makes me feel really bad. It feels like all my amazing experiences, memories, knowledges, and relationships I made there are invalid. I feel like it says I am invalid. To me, dance is a necessary practice. To me, dance heals the world. It is in school, through dance, students learn about their bodies, their mortal and personal vessel, and gain agency over its existence and expression. No other discipline teaches about the body and its personal and secular historiography like dance does. No other discipline expect you to discuss issues, research them, write about them, feel them though enactment, and then perform them, at the deep and intimate level where dance exists.

I use my body as extra storage when my mind is full. I use my body as a landscape to visit, when the outside world is too dangerous. I use my body and its dancing for work, to pay my bills, and be in a good way in society. I use my dance for protest, love, medicine, artistry, and prayer. I am a dancer who can explore all aspects of society, because I know the body, and it is something I share with everyone.

Please support the Mills Dance Major, Please support Dance! Mills Dance is too precious a gem to dissolve.

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