Sunday, November 1, 2015

beauty and brains

To say you like something, to say you love something, exposes you and your emotions/feelings/feels--it makes you vulnerable.
Scopophilia, the joy of looking.
To admit we like something, puts us in a fragile state. If we are to admit we like something, from our sexual energy, the stakes are higher. To love to look at sexy things puts us in a temporary state fragility--which could leave us broken, or fulfilled.
Only in a state of openness can we receive light, but it can also allow in the darkness.
To admit to a person or enigma that we love their look, or by extension, them, we are opening a part of ourselves--it is a phenomenal gift of presence and energy. If that enigma or person, does not like us back--it hurts... If that enigma or person is then critical of us, for our feelings, we feel attacked--and more, profoundly wounded if we let this criticism to enter our psyche, heart, and ego... because we were open.... because we were open....
Perhaps that is why we tend to, as a population, love dumb blondes, or muscle without brains--dumb and pretty. They are not a threat to us. We can desire them and like them without risking criticism. We can relish in our scopophilia without worry or woe. It keeps us in power.
This is, of course, not revolutionary, nor is it an aspect of love...this is an aspect of greed and ego... this is why beauty and brains tend to scare us so much.... this is why beauty and brains are banished to the fringe, or pushed behind glass and into the shadows.....but I sense there is of course more to unpack....

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