Saturday, December 5, 2015

A conversation with the Glitter Shaman and Antonio

A conversation with the Glitter Shaman and Antonio:
A: I have a problem.
GS: yes, what is it?
A: I feel uncomfortable with love. Well, really, I guess, the lack of love I see in the world.
GS: Tell me more.
A: No, I mean, I feel weird when people try to hide their love. I get embarrassed when other people are embarrased to show their love. Like, you know public display of affection... when boys are awkward, I get awkward. Does that make sense?
GS: Yes, it does.
A: Like, why do people pretend not to be in love?
GS: There are a lot of reasons. Some people are afraid to show their glitter. Some people are taught that showing their glitter is rude. Some people get scared of offended when they see other people's glitter.
A: oh....
GS: But I am for Radical Glitter-- or Radical Tenderness, as Guillermo Gomez Pena would call it--he, another kind of shaman...
A: huh?
GS: Radical Glitter is being happy, okay, safe, and empowered by the sharing your love without fear. A freedom Nina Simone sings about often. Radical Glitter, Radical Tenderness is loving without fear. It is know that showing your vulnerabilities, love, emotions, deep desires is normal, okay, and a radical act. That showing glitter in any capacity is transgressive. Thus, its a transformative act--changing our world, for what I see, as better.
A: oh....
GS: People are not taught to be transgressive. Radical Glitter is often a new thing for them. And that's okay. It can start with you. Be willing to continue to show your glitter and love the lovers who dare not show their love. It may help them activate their glitter.
A: Oh, okay. Thanks. I will try. Yeah, I think if they showed their love more in an open okay way, I would feel better, cuz you know, we can all be loving together, and not hiding, or passive, right?
GS: It is always better to be honest with your glitter.

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