Saturday, December 5, 2015

Boo Words

The adventures of Desun & Cuauhtii:
C: I love you. I was telling my friends at school about how awesome, smart, cute and fun you are.
D: Yeah, I'm pretty cool.
C: ...and how dorky you are too...
D: What? Boo, what do you mean?
C: well you know, like when I met you, that one time, I thought you were thinking something profound with your pensive look towards the horizon...but it turned out you were just looking at an airplane...
D: haha! oh yeah boo! Looking at planes!
C: I was like, "what are you thinking?". And you were like, "huh? no i'm just looking at a plane". I was so like so done! I just couldn't any more, oh god no!!!
D: Hehehehe whatever boo, it turned you on too, though, right?
C: yeah, I was done and also on. You know not turned off, but turned on, but also done.
D: and you wanted to cuddle with me right?
C: oh my God yes. I was so Done'N'On... is that a word? donenon? It is now. I was Donenon. I was so done, but turned on, and all I wanted to do was cuddle with you, and your cuteness.
D: awe boo, me too!
C: you're crazy
D: I know. But i'm also really inspirational...for artists like you who need inspiration.
C: -.- ....right...
D: hehehe ^.^

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